Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Friend

I've known him for more that 10 years, i think, his name is Norani (mcm perempuan kan?..heheheeh...jgn mare..) anyway, i was online with him today and he told me about his trip to Hatdyai, Thailand. He went with 2 of his buddy (i don't know them), and he said that the town looks like Penang. So, he sent some photos, it does look like Penang!!!
Anyway, the most surprising part is how my friend here looks! He actually looks better than before...heheheh...jgn marah hah...!! but seriously, he does! He said he has to work out because of his health but what ever the reason is my friend, it turn out good for you! Happy for you! Here is some of the photos he sent...
Siap g 'date' ngan gajah lagi!!! Heheheeheh
It actually looks like you're in Penang, doesn't it? 
Apparently this is the only Mosque you can find there.
Wa.....bukan main seronok lagi dia...hehehe! You look good Nani.....bangga la tuh...ceh...siap senyum bangga lagi!!

Christmas Holiday

Its Christmas time again. This time it is a long holiday for us in the office. This is because it falls on Thursday, and on Monday there's another public holiday, so our Boss declared the Friday as holiday....nice...so we got about 5 days off. Cool hah? Well, my husband and I wish we could go somewhere for holiday but it turn out that he got tons of work to do, so i guess we'll be staying home then.
The only thing that is happening is, on the Christmas day, Effendi (my nephew) will be getting engage to a girl from Klang. So we will be there and i was told that I might see some of my Uncle and Aunty from North, missed them! 

Eni send some news to us from Sweden and some photos but we can't open them somehow. I'll have to go to her Friendster to see them. Anyway, she's doing fine!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tagged by Faizal..........Four things in live...

Four jobs I have had in my life :
1. Part-time kat Mc Donald masa tengah tunggu result SPM dengan arwah sepupu tersayang ku Yuslinda bt Kamaruddin.
2. Practical kira kerja la kan.......kat AJM for 6 bulan. Masa tu best giler...buat OT tak ingat dunia nyer....hehehe 
3. Kat AJMI sebagai Interior Designer tapi sekarang nih jaga bahagian production so dah buat design.......
4. Coming soon la kot...hehehehehe tu jer kerja yang pernah dibuat...

Four movies/ TV series I would watch over and over :
1. Movie2 arwah Tan Sri P.Ramlee....tp yg komedi jer la yang aku suka....Bujang Lapok, Labu Labi, Madu 3 & yg lain2 lah.....best       giler...tengok sepuluh kali pun gelak sama gak....kuat....HAHAHAHAAHAH
2. F.R.I.E.N.D.S .........yep.....sama ngan si Faizal nih....tp nak buat camner...memang sitkom tuh best.....
3. Mr. Bean...entah naper...tp memang tak pernah jemu tgk lawak bodoh dan sengal dia tuh......
4. Nothing Hill...lakonan Julia Roberts & Hugh Grant, Maid In Manhattan..lakonan JLo, Wedding Planner...lakonan..JLo lagi, 3 movie nih aku nak buat collection tp masih tak jumpa yg original lagi....nanti nak kena carik lagi.

Four places I've lived :
1. Penang, ( where i was born)
2. Ipoh, Perak
3. Kuantan, Pahang
4. Kota Kinabalu, Sabah dan sekarang Kuala Lumpur....

Four places I have been :
1. Jeddah, Madinah dan Mekah...masa buat Umrah....
2. My favourite Highland vacation spot......Cameron Highland
3. My favourite Island vacation spot.......Pulau Langkawi
4. My favourite Historical vacation spot........Melaka..(mesti si Faizal bangga...kampung dia la kata kan....)

People who e-mail me (regularly) :
1. MyYearbook Notification
2. My Uncle Klaus........buat masa ni la....heheheeheh
3. Jobstreet.......ada hati dah tua nih nak tukar kerja....hahahahah
4. My cousins........sesetengah la....

Four of my favorite foods :
1. Chinese Style cooking......tp yg halal la......especially Dim Sum, masakan steam dan Yong Tau foo
2. Japanese Food..........sushi, sashimi dan seangkatan dengan nyer.....sayang suami ku yang tersayang tak minat.....
3. Italian..........meaning...all the Pastas and Pizzas......especially suami ku...fav dia nih....
4. Western Food....yg paling kerap aku masak kat rumah sebab paling senang dan ringkas...tak renyah mcm masakna Melayu...

Four places I would rather be right now :
1. At home with my husband....relaks...tgk TV, masak....makan berdua...hehehehe
2. Pulau Langkawi sebab dah lama giler aku tak pergi situ......last aku pergi masa honeymoon kitaorang...6 tahun lepas....
3. Mana2 tempat di luar negara...janji luar dari Malaysia tapi negara orang putih la...bukan Indon ke Thailand ker...heheheeh...perasan
4. Mekah......best giler kat situ....tempat tu buat kita manusia lupa hal dunia.....hanya Dia yang wujud masa tuh...Allahhuakhbar....

So who should I tag?
1. ana
2. yan
3. Takder lagi...tu jer...heheheh



Hai, How is everybody? Sorry for not updating my blog for a while. I have been busy and there's nothing much to tell anyway. Wow....i just notice that it has been a month now since i last blog in. Well, nothing much happen except for a few thing,

1) My sister in-law Eni has left us to further her studies in Sweden. She left on the 6th of December 2008. Supposedly she left us on the 29th November but poor thing, she got sick and have to postponed it. Anyway, we just got news from her a few days ago via SMS that she is doing fine. She said that the house is good, the weather is freezing but not snowy, the scenery is great, the food is expensive (as we expected) and it will take her 40 minutes to go to her University. Right now she still can't use her internet until she buys some wires for the connection. I honestly can't wait to hear from her especially the photos she promised to sent. Just hope that she didn't forget them. I also have a bunch of question to ask. Wonder what she's doing now. Maybe she's preparing for a journey which was plan by her housemate there since the classes will only starts next year. Anyway...i hope she will have fun there. Good Luck to you Eni.

2) My Uncle from the United State came over on the 29th November 2008. Uncle Klaus i call him. He is a Jerman guy who got married to my Aunty some 35 years ago and are now based in New Jersey, United State. He was suppose to go to Bangkok but an unfortunate thing happen. Bangkok Airport got BOMBED! Lucky for him because when that happen, he was still flying so once he stop for transit in Narita, Tokyo, he was told about the incident and have to stay and wait there until it is ok to fly to Bangkok. He was there for 3 days when he decided to fly here instead and wait. At least he got the chance to except the key to their apartment which they bought a few years back. The apartment is in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, infront of Tasik Permaisuri. It is on the top floor, 15th floor. Anyway, we got the chance to look and comment on the apartment for the Developer to rectify. He then told me that they wanted me to do any kind of renovation needed to make their apartment works and be able to live in immediately for them when they come again somewhere middle of next year. I hope they will be happy with the proposal i'll have for them. Now is just a matter of getting a measured plan for me to do the layout. Last I heard from him was yesterday via email saying that he is fine in Bangkok and will be flying home today. Oh! I forgot to mention it, he manage to fly to Bangkok, he left on the 7th December 2008 using Air Asia. Ya! He missed the Hari Raya Haji but he was around for the Kenduri Kesyukuran that Saturday. We just missed Aunty Ida. Wish she was around to. I am sure she'll be happy.

Well, hope to see both of you next year and this time, you'll have your own place to settle down and we can come and visit you at your own place. Can't afford to visit you in the State so, this will do for now. Hehehehehe!