Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Chinese New year Holiday


It's now 2009. How time flies. Anyway...Happy New Year to all my family and friends. This year, it is the Ox year for Chinese calender and it is also my year and of course my hubby's too.
As u can see, above is a pic of 'padi field'. No this photo was not taken by us but from flickers (as usual). I post it on because that is where we went to last Chinese New Year holiday. 
Actually we never plan on going for any trip but one day I called my dear cousin Zufri to asked if he is going back to his hometown (Sungai Petani) for the 4 days holiday and he said yes. So after thinking for a couple of days we decided to take a ride with him and his family to Sungai Petani. We stayed over my Aunt's place for 2 nights before proceeding to Alor Star.
We went to Alor star, driven by Zufri's brother, Abang Wan. 
My mom and my 'mak' was there since the week before for a family 'kenduri'. We stayed over at 'Cicaba's place. Originally the plan was to stay for a night and comes back to SP with Zufri after the 'kenduri' but asked by my 'mami Kiah' to spent another night there, so, the plan changed.
The last night we were there, we had a nice BBQ with our next door neighbour 'Pak Id' and his family. We had chicken, mutton, fish, prawn, cockle and squid plus some green and potato salad and also some friend rice.  We managed to finish everything up except for some of the salads. 
This time, we were taken to different places for food other then the usuals. My dearest sister Ana brought us to 2 different eating place which is ok for me. I think i prefer the place called 'Rimba' but the only thing that spoiled everything was the weather. It was freaking hot. Even for the Kedahan it is hot imagine what it did to us. 
The usual place we used to have breakfast is closed due to the holiday, so we had at a different place called Pak Tuan (i think) and it is ok too. I like the small 'cakoi' with the sweet sauce. I was telling my husband how we are so close to Langkawi yet so far coz we can't make the trip there and it is also due to the holiday. As usual, during school holidays....Langkawi will be fully book and prices are way up high. 
Last night after chatting with my hubby, we decided to do a trip to Langkawi this coming March. We survey the flight there via Air Asia and it only cost Rm9, so in total for 2 adult will be around RM320 return ticket (including luggage and all). We also browse tru for some car rental and hotels and we came up with a budget of RM1200 for everything on a 3 days 2 night trip for 2. Flight, car rental, accamodation, food and shopping. Sounds good to me. So, hopefully this will be our next trip of this year. We are planning to do more trips in the future. Hopefully our wish will come true.